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Customer Reviews

Svpply Co

Customer Reviews

Kirsty 03/02/2021

As always, backdrops never disappoint.

C. Nichols 2018/02/06

Concrete Floor Backdrop
I was contacted by Svpply Co to leave a review. This is my honest opinion. I am pleased with my purchase. Nice quality and does resemble a real concrete floor. I’ve been using it for my food blog. Also it arrived in a mailing tube so was ready to use straight out of the package.

Nadia 2018/02/06

Crackled Concrete Floor
When I first received my order, I wasnt sure if I liked it or not until i started taking photos with it. It looks amazing and close to realistic! I just wish the backdrop was bigger.

Jessica 2019/06/15

Concrete Floor Backdrop
Looks like a real concrete floor. Quality is good and material is strong unlike other cheap vinyls on the market. Will order more.

Pablo A. 08/23/2019

Dark Slate Vinyl Backdrop
Print quality excellent and easy to use. We’ve used it in many projects for clients.